Ellie Deneroff

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Originating from New York City, I am a lifelong artist currently creating in Washington, D.C.

Painting comes most naturally to me; I’ve had a brush in my hand for as long as I can remember. Since my formative days of filling my notebooks with organic doodles, I was able to experiment with different mediums while studying art at the University of Vermont.

What I love most today is pairing watercolors and ink. There is a natural softness of the paint, and a crispness to the ink. I am inspired by many things around me – both personal and external – such as retro concert posters, spines and x-rays, daydreams, geometric patterns, eye-opening travel, majestic larger-than-life animals, plant life, nature, aerial ocean views / being a pisces, the energy of music, mandalas, and much more.

To stay updated with my work and to see in-progress images, please follow me on Instagram at @Spinellie3.